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The Seven Seals of Gaia Ladrieh: The Virtue of Gaia Ladrieh: the Second Seal

The Episodic Adventures of Gaia Ladrieh, expounding the Virtues and High Values of the Exalted New Earth, through mind-bending parables, guaranteed to Challenge and Change the way you view the Cosmos and the Universe. Includes the restored RITES of the MYSTERY of Dionysus.

The AENoMYTh oV’Ψ’Th

The Golden Tablets oV ThoTh: The Mystery oV the FEATHERED SERPENT is a Three Volume SET of Holy Scriptures comparable to the Enuma Elis, Bible, Torah, and the Holy Qur’an. It is a record oV the FEATHERED SERPENT’s dealings with ancient inhabitants of the Americas and contains the FULNESS of the Everlasting GOD-Spell.The book was written by many ancient Holy Prophets and PYTHIAS in the STATE oV’HADITh, the Holy Spirit of Prophecy and Αποκάλυψη. Their WORDs, inscribed upon goLd tablets, were quoted and abridged by a prophet-historian named M=OR-M=ON. The tablets give the account of two great civilizations. One came from Jerusalem in 600 B.C. and afterward separated into two nations, known as MAYA (the People oV the DREAM), and AZTECA (the PEOPLE oV the Wake World), which each carried the secret name (or shem) on the White Stone of their Firstfathers. The other civilization came much earlier, when Allah/शिव confounded the tongues at the Ivory Tower of bAV-ALz-i’ON. This group is known as oV-MU, the descendants of the RED PYTHIA. After thousands of years, nearly all were destroyed or bred out, except those oV-AZTECA and a few oV-M’AIA, and they are among the ancestors of some of the America’s Indigenous Peoples. The crowning EVENT recorded in the Golden Tablets of ThoTh is the personal ministry oV’Σοφία, the FEATHERED SERPENT, amongst the Mayas. ITh puts forth the doctrine of the God-Spell, outlines the Victorious Plan of Allah/शिव , and tells the Adam what they must do to gain Sacred Peace and the Eternal Victory oV IMMORTALITY in this LIFE as Unique AVATARS oV the UNIVERSAL EXPRESSION, HAD’ITh. After M=OR-M=ON completed his writings, he delivered the account to his son BAPHOMET, the Last COMEDIAN, who added a few WORDs of his Own and hid up the tablets in the Hill Cumorah. On September 21, 1823, the same BAPHOMET, a glorified eternal being, appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith and instructed him relative to the ancient tablets and ITh’s destined translation from Ancient Egyptian into the English language. In due course, the tablets were delivered to Joseph Smith, Jr.; who originally translated the tablets. This PROSECUTION shall Determine his FATE.

The Rise of Gaia Ladrieh: The Crowned and Conquering Child

A New Magick Adventure for Children… and Adults too

Allegorical exposition of the Magick Formula of Gaia Ladrieh and the new Aeon that all can understand.

Little Laylah, a magical young girl with extraordinary powers, is escorted to meet the Grand Empress of Gaia Ladrieh on her 8th birthday, known as her Soul-Crown day. When she meets the Grand Empress, she’s in for a big surprise! Little Laylah has been specifically chosen to accompany the Grand Empress on a special mission to the Stars.As they await the ceremonies and rituals for Laylah’s big day, the Grand Empress tells her the story of her childhood and how Gaia Ladrieh – a beautiful Empire of magic, fairies, gardens, temples and palaces – came to be.The Empress tells her of her journey to the Mountain of the Wisdom Kings: a dimensional portal beneath a pond in the woods, where she entered into the world of the Seven Lords of the Cycles. By thinking upside-down and inside-out, and overcoming death and time, the Empress navigates their realms to uncover the Greatest Secret of them All!


This textbook offers a comprehensive analysis and breakdown of the Magick Formulas of the New Aeon. It includes: An Exhaustive Qabalah Key, A Verse by Verse Explanation of The Book of the Law, A Historical, Philosophical, and Psychological explanation of the Magick Formulas of the Aeons and what this means for us, The Magick Formula of Gaia Ladrieh, the New Earth, and A Verse by Verse Explanation of The Book of the Revelation

The Seven Seals of Gaia Ladrieh: Vision of Gaia Ladrieh: the First Seal

In 2019, Excalibur expounded The Book of the Law, the visionary text of the renegade Prophet Aleister Crowley, whilst simultaneously introduced the New Magick Formula of the New Earth via the 93 current. And NOW, in 2020, the Formula of Crowned and Conquering Bride is revealed in full. With 4 chapters of 1,062 verses of newly channeled prophecy, an explanation of the New Formulas of Magick in the New Aeon, and 4 channeled visions of The Rise of Gaia Ladrieh, this text throws open the vault to the 40 Rings of Ipsissimus.

The Temple of the ARCH’i’N.O.X.

This is a proposal for building the Temple of the Archinox – a consciousness accelerator that absolves the paradoxes of exoteric religion back into Archidoxal unity. The aim and goal of the Temple of the Archinox is the accelerated development of human consciousness. It is proposed that a quantum leap in the progression and development of consciousness can occur through a voluntary, immersive experience within a controlled environment which exposes the candidate to a concentration of spiritual stimuli designed to provoke perpetual adaptation.

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