The Mission and Will of the O!O

We are on a sinking ship. The Earth is dying. Our societal structure is on the verge of collapse. The Earth’s population is at an all-time high and rising. Human sorrow infects us like a noxious disease. The impending cataclysm of our times is fast approaching. And rather than pitch in and mend the ship, we fight for the remaining scraps like pathetic, drooling dogs. The mass extinction bottle-neck will occur within the next 120 years. We either take drastic action now or we die.

The Mission and Will of the 0!0 is Threefold:

  1. The Establishment of the Law of θέλημα, as outlined in The Book of the Law, which will liberate the minds, bodies, and spirits of human kind and give birth to the Übermensch.
  2. The Total and Complete Annihilation of the New World Order and the pernicious false doctrines of the Dark Brothers.
  3. The Establishment of the Gaia Ladrien Empire of the New Earth, beginning with the Temple of the Archinox.

Whether you admit it to yourself or not, the Great War: the Battle for All Souls has already commenced. Choose ye this day your True Will. Servitude is at an End.

Only the Strong Will.


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