91919 – The Birth of the Child

In the next 80 years, you’re going to witness drastic changes the world over. The New Aeon is taking its roots. And when it springs forth, the Earth as we know IT will flower and flourish beyond our most imaginative dreams. But this is not a change that will happen of itself. This change in our outward manifestation will mirror the inner transformations that are beginning to unfold within each of us. This change will happen through our own hard work – through both the inner and outer spheres of our existence and consciousness.

This work of transformation is our Great Work. It is why we were born in this specific time. The Rise of Gaia Ladrieh, the New Earth, is a unification of the collective culture, psyches, nations and kingdoms of this world. This unification is the marriage of our opposites, the absolution of our paradoxical truths, and the total embracement of our differences, eccentricities, and passions as the infinite manifestations of the infinite potentiality – our lady of the stars, NUIT.

This Great Work is the sworn mission of the O!O. And those “of us” are absolutely committed in mind, body and soul to the realization of this Divine Manifestation.

The O!O School of Magick, the Temple of the Archinox, and the City of Pyramids are only the Beginning of this epic unfolding.

Today, in honor of Hoor-Pa-Kraat (919), the child Horus known as Harpocrates, we honor the truth of your inherent Divine SELF. We invite you to join us in this work – to discover your true purpose upon this very planet, in this very life – that you may accomplish your true Will, your Great Work, and your destiny.

We are here to assist you in this process. We are here to guide you along the path. We are here to shine the light of Ra from the peaks of Abniegus – that you may realize your own divine inheritance.

Starting on this holy day, the Seven Seals of Gaia Ladrieh will begin to be opened. The Vision of Gaia Ladrieh will enroll the chosen Warriors, Magicians, Hierophants and Priestesses into this collective vision of the future.

‘Excalibur‘ is already available to you. It will reward you with your own sacred sword from out the white stone and will gift you the tools you need to accomplish this work.

The O!O School of Magick is available to any and all who wish to refine and hone their Magick to the Divine Accomplishment of their Will.

It is our continued prayer, that these words and resources will stir your heart to action, alignment and allegiance to your own Divine SELF and work.

The Seal of Shaialazin

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