The Rise of Gaia Ladrieh

When I was about ten years old, I had a conversation with my father which I will never forget. It happened after a church meeting, in which the Apocalypse and the end of the world was discussed in great detail. He told me that I would likely see the end of the world and that I would not have the opportunity to live out a “normal” life, where I could just have children, work a career and set myself up for retirement, etc. as the “American Dream” projected. He told me that I was likely to see some very hard times, but I was lucky because I would have the opportunity to witness Christ’s return to the Earth.

This didn’t sit well with me. I asked him, “Well, if that’s the case, shouldn’t I leave school and enjoy my life as much as I can until then?” He said, “No, it’s better to just keep living “normally” and to pretend like it’s not going to happen.” This made no sense to me whatsoever. I continued to read everything I could about this EVENT. According to modern science and the global economic and ecological state of everything, it sure seemed like it was true. And my travels confirmed this. But when I discovered the true meaning of “Apocalypse” in Greek, I was stunned. It means “an unveiling.” And what was being unveiled?

It was the bride: the Earth, which is to be married to Heaven. This gave me some relief. But as I continued in my education, I noticed a recurring rhetoric repeating from my Professors: “We’re in for hard times. But don’t worry. Some young genius is going to save us.” Immediately, my soul retorted: “Who?! If it’s not us, then who is going to do something? Are we all literally going to wait to be saved by this “someone” and do nothing about it ourselves?”

The truth is, it is us who must act. We are the ones that must find a way to turn this situation around. And we can and will do it. But we cannot just wait for the expiration date to take drastic action. Nor can we depend on our governments, corporations, nor the system which is actively destroying Gaia to be the answer.

We are the answer. Those souls who traveled beyond space and time to be here right now.

I’ve just begun the next phase of my own work: The Seven Seals of Gaia Ladrieh. Within these books, I will submit a proposal and outline to the world as to “how” we can make this revolutionary change. The First Seal, The Vision of Gaia Ladrieh, will be a transmission directly from Gaia HerSELF. She will be our guide and voice as we work towards Her Exaltation and Golden Age. The Second Seal, The Virtues of Gaia Ladrieh, will be a social treatise on the qualities and ideals that must be established and expected from her inhabitants that we may all be successful in our Will-to-Thrive. The Third Seal, The Aesthetic of Gaia Ladrieh, will set the bar we need to achieve to build a society that surpasses the Scope of Egypt, the Might of Rome, the Beauty of Babylon, and the Virtue of Greece. The Fourth Seal, The Infrastructure of Gaia Ladrieh, will not only build upon the values set forth in Aesthetics, but will provide practical instruction as to the reconstruction and conversion of our current resources and materials to building a Zero Carbon Footprint society, that provides generously for Her inhabitants without a reliance upon wage-labor. The Fifth Seal, The Government of Gaia Ladrieh, will propose a system of government that: 1) has sufficient power to make the necessary changes, 2) protects the individual Will of “every man and woman” under law, and 3) unifies the entirety of the world under one common goal and creed: the absolute freedom of their soul-expression. The Sixth Seal, The Culture of Gaia Ladrieh, will introduce a vision of what daily life and culture will be like in the New Earth. And finally, The Seventh Seal, The Epic of Gaia Ladrieh, will serve to unify humanity through a common mythos that unites the histories, mythologies, religions, and cultures of the world into a common story of our transcendence into an enlightened and harmonious global society (in the vein of The Aenead, The Odyssey, The Epic of Gilgamesh, etc.).

Obviously, the task before me is supreme and I welcome all the help I can get. Any and all artists, scientists, architects, or skilled professionals of any and all backgrounds can greatly assist in its accomplishment.

In the meantime, you may be asking yourself: “What can I do now?”

1). Read ‘Excalibur’. It sets forth the Formula of our success in blazing clarity.

2). Sign up for Magick School courses. We need leaders to take the forefront of action to make these changes. The only way you can possibly do so is through the total mastery of your own True Will. These Magick courses are your PhD course work to completely liberate your spirit. And the New Earth needs you to step fully into your full creative genius and power.

3). Commit yourself 100% to Gaia and the realization of Her transcendence. Spread the word. Raise Her banner. Speak out. Stand up. Reveal your SELF to the world.

4). Get personally involved. Message me personally to find out what you can do.

5). Support Sacred Magick Worlds. This entire shop is devoted to bringing you into alignment with your light and raising the energetic vibration of the world. All proceeds from this shop, whether Magick School courses, ‘Excalbiur’, Tarot readings, Monthly Guidance, photos, etc. directly support the continuation of this work and cause.

If you have children, if you are planning on having a family, or are simply a member of this Earth family, these changes must be our full time engagement, work and focus. Together we can build a future in which we all thrive and are fulfilled at a soul-level. We can and will create the marriage of Heaven and Earth.

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