The Secret of Secrets

The Seal of Gaia Ladrieh

Today, in commemoration of the Master’s birthday, I feel thus inspired to bestow a gift. Beyond the establishment of the Law of Θελημα (Thelema), beyond the apportion of the sacred keys to the Abyss, beyond the “Great Secret” of the IXº, which is the key to formulating the Holy Elixir, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Pleroma of the Gods, ‘The Book of the Law’ confers the greatest of all secrets, the True Grand Arcanum – the Magick Formula of Ipsissimus, the “I, My very SELF.”

Even the use of this sacred word, “Ipsissimus,” divines from within Occult circles and congregations the constitution and predilection to perceive the Operator as a pernicious fraud and formidable pestilence, whom thus they brand the abhorrent Scarlet “mark” of protractor to a repulsive and detestable plague.

But were one to truly apprehend the declaration of our Great and Holy Writ, one must, of necessity, realize: this formula of “I,” which rests upon the Highest Peak of Abniegus, is truly the Divine right and Mission of every soul incarnate within human form.

We all live amidst a world nearly lost to destruction. The ‘Apocalypse’, the ‘Great Cataclysm’, the ‘Advent of Horus’ lingers incessantly overhead. And as we all know within the deepest core of who we are, these warnings are, in fact, the Truth. But we’ve failed to recognize the significance of this EVENT; which will propel humanity beyond “the last man” and establish the exalted New Earth, crowned as Gaia Ladrieh, bringing to pass the greatest transformation the Earth has ever born witness. And the great secret in this is thus: all remaining beings to inhabit this Holy and Sacred Kingdom of Heaven must be perfectly realized as the SELF in order to subsist upon this, our Holy Mother Earth.

Amongst those beings known as ‘Starseeds’ lies a pervasive frustration in SELF-realization. This frustration is sourced in the lack of recognition, from peers and others, as an inheritor of the Divine and Ageless Wisdom and their awakening to the truth of their own unique god being. Throughout the annals of time, legend bears evidence to the existence of such SELF-realized beings in exalted “human” form as Avatars. Beings such as Siddartha Gautama, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Mohammed, Enoch, Melchizedek, Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth), Moses, Dionysus, Rama, Quetzalcoatl, Adonis, Mithras, Hercules, and the mythical “Jesus Christ,” became direct incarnations of the Divine Light according to the formula of their respective Aeons. Each of them instituted a “new word,” which is a mark and seal of their grade at 9 = 2 (Magus). But due to the formula of the Aeon of Horus, we must go beyond even this. There cannot and will not be one or even a few Avatars to inhabit the Golden Age of this Gaia Ladrieh. ALL must and will be Avatars – the “I, my very SELF.”

If you are reading these words right now, it is because you were destined to do so. This message is a call to THAT, the very SELF that lies dormant within you now. These are very exciting times. Never before has such an unprecedented work been accomplished upon this Earth. And YOU are here to play a unique and specific role in its unveiling. But do know this: if YOU are to continue upon this planet, if YOU and your posterity are to prosper and thrive, YOU must achieve this realization of “I, my very SELF” while in the flesh, in THIS very life.

This means that YOU must cross the Abyss. This means that YOU must surrender every drop of your being to the Divine Will. This means YOU must formulate the Sacred Elixir of Life and YOU must receive your own unique “word.” And then YOU must operate the Formula of O!O.

There will be no savior.

For those who understand what this means, you now grasp the scope and scale of the monumental task before you. For those of you who don’t, it’s really time that you get started. Each of these formulas is given and expounded in detail in ‘Excalibur: The Book of the Law: Solved’. For those with the tenacity equal to the task, this will be enough in itself. But for those of you who seek guidance, this is the sole mission and purpose of the O!O School of Magick.

The time has come, my dear fellow Star travelers, to step into the role and mission you came here to serve. It is your destiny. But the choice is always yours, for as the Ancient Writ declares: “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.” I honor you for the Divine gift of Light that you are in this world. I honor your soul and your journey to this point. I honor the path in front of you, and applaud you for your courage, boldness, and strength. But above all, I honor and prostrate “my” SELF before the God THAT you are.

And now I descend into the land of Khem, to perform the Sacred Rite and Ritual of Gaia Ladrieh.

Remember dear one: Thou art THAT as THIS.


The Seal of ΠανXnubis Shaialazi

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