On the Joy of Kings

ΠανXnubis Shaialazin, having now waxed old beneath the purple cloak and seeking the solace of his youth, departed into the mountains that he may be taken in assembly with the gods of old. There he received the company of the mighty stags, Vicious Lions, and Majestic Eagles. There his youth was restored to him, and though his hair remained as snow, his body pulsed with the strength and vigor of the Great Ram. There ΠανXnubis grew drunk upon the vine of Infinite Spirit, and now feeling flushed as Zarathustra on the Lonely mount, cast his ear down toward the valley, that he may resume his stewardship with the Kings and Queens.

His heart had grown fond of these Lords of the Earth. And his soul desired to reunite to them in their joy and bliss! “The Great Feast be nigh upon us,” he thought, “and so it might esteem my great pride to partake once more at the Banquet Hall, to enjoy the good cheer of those Exalted Ones, who trod “the world of men” beneath them.”

But having lifted his ear, ΠανXnubis’ face scowled in scoff for the first time in nearly a millenia. To his dismay, the howling laments of the long dead Aeon soured his disposition. And like the musking Bull, he burst through the city walls in full fire and fury!

There, a man had hung himself by his foot from a tree. And screaming had invoked a collective sorrow that now spread as pandemic through the land.

ΠανXnubis approaches the man. “You there! To what devilry dost thou bewail as those long laid to rest? Have you forgotten ‘the Law’? You persist in pursuit of phantoms and nothing less. Do not you know sorrow’s dead?”

The man screams out in a ghastly voice: “I only follow the Prophet’s voice. For “if ever things get bad like that again, in the new Dark Ages which appear to threaten, this is the way to put things right.”

“New DARK AGES!” scorns Shaialazin. “Come MAN! What kind of new madness is this? What could possibly convince one such as thee of such preposterous presupposition?”

“It was God! God Himself. He told me!”

Immediately the crowds shriek and wail and gnash their teeth.

“God?! And thou wouldst return to golden calves when the divine speaks in ecstasy through thy every breath?! How dost thou possibly conceive “God” outside thee?”

“He came to me. He appeared to me as though a man.”

“As though a man? And that provided adequate convincing?”

“He shewed Great power. He shew a name, ancient and square.”

“Oh that old spell!” ΠανXnubis laughs to his SELF.

“A valid attack upon thy mind.”

“He came not to my mind, sir. He came as Light before mine eyes.”

“To stir thy heart to grief?!”

The crowd, hunched over and screaming, pause and look up to ΠανXnubis. They quit their tears for just a moment.

“Do you not recall the days of our youth? The anger, angst, and apathy of our apocalyptic apparition? The howling of the damned, the wailing of the righteous, the despair of the rich, and the desperation of the poor? Not even three generations have passed and you have already forgotten our bondage!”

The hanged man lifts his head to fight his dizziness.

“In those days there were no Kings!” thunders Shaialazin. “In those days, all sacrificed themselves at the altar of a single image.”

ΠανXnubis stoops down and draws a serpentine symbol in the dirt.

“In those days, HADIT stirred men’s hearts for but a moment, and the ecstasy faded as quick as lightning ‘fore the thunder clap! In those days, men’s eyes showed only misery! And they blasphemed the Light by their own SELF-debasement and blasphemy!”

All eyes are upon Shaialazin.

“Even then they obtained the Great Book. Even then they were told: “all the sorrows are but as shadows ; they pass & are done… For remember! All ye! That existence is pure joy!”

ΠανXnubis’ voice shakes the Heavens.

“Do you not all remember?!”

The crowd stares on in fear.

“Now let it be understood! If the body of the King dissolve, he shall remain in pure ecstasy for ever! This is the law of the strong! They shall rejoice, our chosen : who sorroweth is not of us. Beauty and strength, leaping laughter and delicious languor, force and fire, are of us! Therefore! Be strong, o man ! lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture! For the Kings and Queens of this Earth, there shall be in them a joy a million times greater than this!

We are afire in the glory of the Dancing Star! Are we to return to these?! No! For as the child declared: We must press on! We must quit our excuses, our SELF-denial, our SELF-deceit, our SELF-debasement – our SELF-destructive behavior! Do not commit this “folly against the self.” Your reason will not determine your destiny. Your passion, force and fire – Will!

You know who you are! You know what you are capable of! Do not attempt to cram it within an acceptable box of any size, shape, or form! Do not listen to a single point-of-reason against it!




ΠανXnubix screams in ecstasy and releases a pulse from within his heart as a shockwave that shakes the very core of the Earth. The hanged man receives these vibrations of bliss deep within his cells, and springs as a coiled serpent from his SELF-induced coma.

ΠανXnubis runs towards the man and takes his skull in his hands. He presses firmly at the edges of his scalp.

“Bare your fangs! Reveal your truth! RISE !” he screams.

Immediately, horns burst from out the man’s skull. His legs regain the spring of the wild beast. The crowd rises in song and ecstasy and surround the man. The sweet scent of their perfume is released, and the crowd takes one another in each other’s arms and holy embrace.

“Ah… the Feast has commenced,” ΠανXnubis thinks to his SELF. He watches the “hanged man” for a long moment and then casts his view back to the mountains. Beyond the icy peaks, he glimpses the Great Goddess smiling down upon her Golden Temples glistening in the setting sun.

ΠανXnubis smiles gleefully, removes his pipe, and as the mad piper, takes his place at the head of the procession.

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