A Palace with Four Gates

For those who truly listen… I AM here.

The vision continued:

Once the multitude had departed, we stepped forward into the center of the chamber. In a sudden burst, the candles lit themselves immediately. A strong vibration began to thunder from the depths of the cavern.

An altar rose in the center of the central chamber, amidst the four. Upon this altar were eight tools. A red cloak and a white cloak laid beside them.

As we stepped towards the altar, a pillar of white light spilled down upon us from overhead. The crystal chalice sparkled upon the altar and caught our eye.

We both let out an audible gasp in awe.

Just then, twelve hooded figures stepped out from the veil of shadow. Each withdrew their hoods, one at a time. One of these figures was you…

“We shall proceed,” I announced with boldness. Each of the twelve nodded their head.

Immediately, the chamber goes pitch black. This blackness is thick, atmospheric, visceral… It is accompanied by an overwhelming feeling – a wish for annihilation. The entirety of my existence feels as an overwhelming shriek of pain. But just as these “thoughts” come to me, a bursting orb of golden light shines from within me.

I try to conceal this light. I press down upon it with forms and images of myself. But each of these images are immediately burst and shattered by the light. There is no container that can withhold it nor contain it. IT screams forth with a life and light beyond any comprehension!

This same light burst forth from all who are present. We are all enveloped in this light. We are AL and LA within this “sphere” of existence, in which we exist and have never existed as aspects and expressions of the same thought and energy.

The black palace melts before us. It is replaced with a crystalline, geometric structure of such marvel and magnificence, of such bounteous beauty, of such sensational splendor that all comprehension is absolved in a single glimpse. Phosphorescent blue orbs glow over each of its gates.

And in its center is that very being, that to behold with physical eyes is death. And to approach its presence is the scorchings and burnings of white hot light.

And a voice thunders from out the void: “These are mine few and chosen. These are mine that I shall push thy order. These are mine that shall prepare the way for mine Bride, that in Her unveiling doth the Rapture of THAT venom rupture as secret light. Glory be to mine servants of the Star and Snake!”

From out this form, an electric storm bursts forth as voltaic shrapnel! This storm of force and fury is immersed within our individual forms. The Temple of Light is consumed again by the Black Temple. We find ourselves alone and voiceless within the central chamber.

But the Work is clear. Luminously so.

Stay tuned.

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