The Grand and Supreme Ritual of Our Times.

To you! The Spirits! I cordially invoke

at the Summit of the Gods

Peaks of Giza, Serpent-Light

Commence this ritual!

Provoke! Excite!



A Light as Fire

Blood as Water

The Sacred Lance and Graal!

Prepare ye! Prepare ye!

A House to Horus!



In Sacred Thebes

His rites resume!

Let Earth receive!

Exalted bloom!

Ladrieh! Ladrieh! Gaia-Ladrieh!



For soon the twelve

surmount, surmise

the Sacred glory of thy Eyes!

For force and fire! Bounteous laughter!



So who is found amongst the twelve?

A twelve devoured by the ONE.

Is not this one two-ly true?

To be and see as NONE and NU.



So dear Parzifal!

Claim thy right!

Claim thy sword!

Claim thy might!


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