On O!O

The greatest weakness within the common herd of humanity is the inability to generate and multiply their own original thoughts. They do not even possess the ability to validate their own point-of-view or experiences without outward acknowledgment. Ultimately, they are entirely dependent upon the experience of others, upon the “criterion” of human knowledge found in “official” books, the information preached in schools or upon the pulpit, upon the popular opinions and trends of their times and culture, and upon the input of family and friends. To put it simply, they do not “make up their mind.” It is made for them. They lack the ability to distinguish between their own experiences in opposition or correlation to societal norms. They believe these points of reference to be necessary. They depend entirely on authoritative dogmas or teachers to determine the validity of an experience. And no matter what they may claim about themselves, their allegiances, their interests, their philosophical and metaphysical outlook, and project about “themselves” through their regurgitated words and works and/or copycat fashions (whether of devil worshippers or yuppies) they exhibit their true nature through their obedience and conformity to the laws, rules, and gods ($) of contemporary society.

The truth is, it is far more comfortable to sit on your couch than be on the front lines. It is far easier to blend in and disappear than to open your mouth and become a visible target for mass opinions, criticism, and ostracization. It is far easier to sit on the sidelines and criticize the players than to get in the game. Far easier… but ultimately a complete and utter waste of time and the life-force energy you were created, born and destined to express.

But whether you fully realize this or not, eventually the aggregate momentum of your experience will carry you there. It does not matter when.

The truth is, there is only ONE original thought. All variations of this thought are but falsifications. And even this “thought” is but an inversion and “half-truth.” The only truth is O!O, which is inexpressible and barred from comprehension. By direct experience alone is it obtained and transmitted. And only by tossing one’s SELF over an edge beyond even the Abyss can IT be apprehended.

And it is you that must make this leap… either this time around or in ten-thousand cycles of 2,160 lifetimes. One day the time will come. Lucky for you, you get to choose when.

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