For those who choose the path of Magick, “whose pre-destination is the Labyrinth” (Nietzsche), who choose to live their lives striving for the highest of ideals, who take aim at every peak, who dive to the deepest of all depths, and who interpret every phenomenon as a direct dealing of God with their soul… To each of these, Stars and Gods of their own rite and Will, who must, at some point or another, inevitably collide with the sublime wall of the limitations of inherent phenomena… I say unto ye thus:

It is when this crisis and ordeal appears, in this moment that all of thy gifts, all of thy Magick, all of thy power and all of thy art appears to be stripped from ye… in this moment that the collective banter of contemporary cult-ure, screaming “Resistance is Futile,” all but drowns out thy direct experience of the True Magick of Life… THAT, the one true spark of infinite fire: the truth of thy SELF… When it appears that to take one more additional step upon the path of thy soul is pure, unadulterated insanity…

Know ye this: Ye have arrived at the moment of thy ultimate victory. And the only cost to thee is one more step.

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