Why Magick and Why Now

This world is not what’s being sold to you.

The truth of this life is not that it is dull, droll and monotonous. It is wild, fierce, and extravagant. We do not inhabit a ho-hum and dreary, monochrome world. Our world is bursting with color, expressing every possibility on every possible timeline at all times. If your life is not better than any movie you’ve ever seen, then I must say, you are missing out. There are hopefully many of your nodding your heads in agreement at this. But for the many who do not see this, feel this, or experience this right now, in this moment… I must put it to you that this is a condition of your own mind and nothing else.

So what is Magick? Magick is the ability to cause change in accordance to the Will. And when one has honed and utilized their Magick power (a power that is innate in all of us) this life becomes one continuous act and motion of creation. It is an infinite blank canvas with an inexhaustibly supply of paint and ink. Events no longer happen to you. You cause the Events. Fear is replaced by confidence, as you know the truth of who you are, and that you have all the tools to not only survive any circumstance, but the ability and skill set to transmute and thrive in any condition.

This is the true definition of a Magician. And you are all the Magicians of your own Universe already, creating every single detail of your reality, in regard of conscious creation or not. Therefore, with all of the results and successes of your life riding upon you and you alone, isn’t it time to master the laws and conditions under which you chose to live and experience right now?

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