Magick Formula of the New Aeon

The most important change that took place at the Equinox of the Gods in 1904 was a change in the Magick formula by which the entire Universe and Cosmos operates. We are truly living in a unique and unprecedented time. “But what exactly is a Magick formula and how does this affect our consciousness and our lives?” The answer to this question is one of the most important concepts that any of us can understand, as it affects every single aspect and detail of our lives. For in understanding exactly what a Magick formula is and how it operates in your own life is one of the first keys in unlocking, wielding, and then honing your own Magick power, which will thus unveil your destiny.

If Magick is “the ability to cause change according to Will” then a Magick formula must be the method in which this Magick power is able to operate.

The Magick formulas of the various Aeons can be understood by their relation to the number 31. Qabalistically, 31 is indicative of the words AL and LA by their “spell” consisting of the letters A or Aleph (ATU 0 The Fool in the Tarot), which is associated to 1, and L or Lamed (ATU XI (or VIII) Adjustment (Justice)), which is associated to 30. But these are much more than simple letters and their combination forms the most important Magick formula that exists in regards to existence, creation, and our purpose in life.

In Hebrew, AL (or אל) means “towards, or all” and was an original name for God. LA (or לא) is a negation, indicative of no-thingness. In the Qabalah, A (or א , Aleph) is a letter associated with the “beginning of the whirlings,” ATU 0 The Fool, and the original movement of creation. It (א , Aleph) exists in two different phases, indicated by its association to either the number 0 or 1 (the binary on/off pulse (or heartbeat) of the entirety of creation). As zero, Aleph (א) is the infinite in potentiality only (or NU for those familiar with Thelema and ‘The Book of the Law’). As 1, Aleph (the infinite potentiality, NU) has been initiated by movement (HAD) and proceeded from its potentiality into an expression of that potential as an expression of one of its possibilities – an EVENT (Kether moving towards IT).

Now this movement or “the initial whirlings” as they are known by the Qabalists and Magicians, are catalyzed by the combination of Aleph (א) with Lamed (ל) to form AL (אל). The key to this is in the meaning of the Hebrew letters, where Aleph means an ox and Lamed means an ox-goad (that which guides the ox). Lamed is represented by ATU VIII in the Tarot (or more precisely ATU XI, see ‘Excalibur’ for a detailed explanation), in which this force is depicted hieroglyphically as blind justice, balancing Alpha and Omega, whilst remaining perfectly balanced with both feet on either side of the double edged blade of the Magick sword. If you can, picture the infinite possibility and potentiality of the Fool, focused and directed by this type of precision. The combination of these forces in this order (or more precisely direction) represents the process of creation and the manifestation of inherent phenomena. In Alchemy, this is known as the process of Solvé – where the one becomes the many. This is the exhale of the Life-breath of the Gods.

The reverse direction, LA (לא), is alchemical Coagula. This is where the many become the one, which leads to the entirety of the Universe and Cosmos being reduced to and absolved back into absolute zero. In the Occult, this is known as the Path of Return. This is the inhale of the Life-breath of the Gods.

Now if we refer back to the beginning, we talked about Magick formulas and their relation to the number 31, which we now know to be both AL and LA. Now, in the first Aeon of human existence (known as the Aeon of Isis), the Magick formula was AL. In fact, at the culmination of this period, “AL” was literally one of the sacred names of the Supreme Deity Marduk, or Ba’al of Babylon, who was an anthropomorphized representation of the ‘Spirit of the Barley’. During this period of human consciousness (which was widely understood and shaped through the explorations of altered states by the primal psychonauts we now know as shamans), existence upon the Earth was seen as the most sacred of all gifts. Mother Earth was the worshipped above all else, as the Spirit of the Great Oak was perceived as the Supreme Deity, whose ability to produce fire was conceived as the Magickal power that caused the Sun to rise (this gave rise to a classification of Magick rituals known as ‘Sun Charms’). Life upon Mother Gaia was seen as so sacred, that human beings actually sought out ways to store or hide their “soul” upon the Earth. For those of you familiar with Harry Potter, the idea of the horcrux is derived from these ancient Magick rituals. This was literally how they did it. And the best places they conceived to store their soul was in transitory states of nature (such as sea foam, steam, smoke, etc.), for it was in these states their soul would be protected from interference by other “Magicians.”

The successful transmission of their soul into the Earth was perceived as the highest of all Magickal attainment – an indicator of spiritual enlightenment. Those who were able to do this were seen as “Masters,” as this was the ultimate expression of all of those upon their “spiritual” path. And these practices continued for literally millions of years.

But the Equinox of the next Aeon, known as the Aeon of Osiris or the Aeon of the Dying Gods, changed everything. Its formula came hand-in-hand with the development of agriculture, which gave birth to our first great cities. This was the first time that God or the Supreme Being was conceived of as possessing form – first theriomorphized (possessing animal characteristics)* and then anthropomorphized (possessing human characteristics).

*Theriomorphism actually began in the Aeon of Isis, which was the primary reason the shamans began exploring altered states of consciousness through consuming various substances, many of these substances being blood, blone, and various parts of animals. They were attempting to absorb the god-like powers of the animals.

At this point in time, the Magick formula of the Aeon of Isis was changed from AL to AL-LA (31-31). This can be conceived of as the first turn in the labyrinth of human consciousness. The direction of spiritual expression changed from an exhale to an inhale. The path of AL had reached its peak in its expression through the body, from inside to out, and spiritual seekers began to turn inside for their answers. This initiated the Path of Return. We know this Magick formula well. Its penultimate expressions are exemplified in figures such as the Buddha and Jesus Christ, with the former declaring: “existence is suffering”, and the latter: “My kingdom is not of this world.” Philosophically, this is known as a switch from a life-positive to a life-negative world view – life-negative meaning that this particular life was no longer valued in favor of something “beyond.”

Now this is exactly where most people run into trouble in regards to Magick, inlcuding most of the Occult world, as most schools of religious/spiritual thought still practice and operate upon the formula of the past Aeon – that of AL-LA. And this is precisely where ‘The Book of the Law’ comes in.

When ‘The Book of the Law’ was received by Aleister Crowley, not only was the Law of Thelema initiated into the world, but additionally a transformation in the Magick Formula took place by way of current 93. This current of Magick thus changed the AL-LA formula into various aspects of expression: AL-LA-AL, LA-AL-LA, LA-ShT-AL, etc. But what does this mean exactly and how does it affect us and our lives?

As we all are living on the cusp of the New Aeon, we are only just beginning to experience the developments of these new formulas. The first major change came almost simultaneously with the Equinox in 1904, as Albert Einstein wrote and published his “Does the Inertia of the Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?” this very year. Quantum Theory, Relativity, Uncertainty Principle, the Discovery of DNA, and the Holographic Nature of the Universe were all to follow. The “modifications of the reproductive instinct with a tendency to become bi-sexual or epicene” is another result of this formula. The first major burst of its expression became apparent during the psychedelic spiritual revolution of the 1960’s. And this is all only the beginning.

Now the implications of this multi-dimensional split in formula are quite fascinating. Not only does this formula drastically change the way our reality manifests in physical expression, but it also indicates a multi-dimensional shift in the physical expression of the human being as well. It seems there is to be a split in the evolutionary development and path of homo sapien. And just as all birds shared the common ancestor known as Archaeopteryx, a small, feathered, carnivorous dinosaur from the late Jurassic period, some of them went on to become hawks and others became chickens.

The same is likely to occur within the (soon to be) genus Homo Sapiens. The human being is about to be the source material of a similar generative split as Archaeopteryx. Now while it is too soon to predict any specifics, I can offer you some personal speculations based upon my understanding and analysis of the LA-AL-LA, AL-LA-AL, and LAShTAL formulas.

Those individuals that will embrace the LA-AL-LA formula are those who will explore alternate states of consciousness within the context of virtual realities and existences. When one truly conceives this “physical” universe to be a manifestation of Holographic projection (as it is), we realize that this path very closely imitates/replicates the nature of consciousness. An important example of this occurs in what is known as the psychological state of “suspension of disbelief” that occurs when we watch a film. Our “reality” is temporarily suspended as we dissociate with our bodies and our identifications with our own lives and “I,” and become fully entrenched in the lives and stories of those characters upon the screen. Now when virtual reality achieves a degree of total sensory deprivation for the physical body, where the brain can no longer distinguish between the sensory impulses and stimuli of the “real world” as opposed to the artificial and manufactured stimuli of the technological/virtual “dreamscapes/lifescapes,” a completely different form of life will be created, in which the physical body and existence of these individuals will no longer matter, as they will dissociate to a degree in which their only true life exists virtually and there is nothing else besides this.

Essentially, a “Matrix” will be created which will eventually lead to the creation of “dreams within dreams within dreams.” Anything will be possible within this extension of reality, wherein the mind will ultimately be able to create anything that it wishes to explore or experience. Eventually, (and when paired with certain chemical enhancements) the mind and soul-consciousness may become so completely dissociated with the body that it no longer requires the physical body to continue at all. In this sense, immortality will be achieved. But Earth will no longer exist to these individuals in the sense we experience it now. The “Masters” of this path will likely experience a sense of omnipresent existence beyond anything we can possibly imagine now.

Now for those who embrace the AL-LA-AL formula (which I personally find the most appealing), they will experience the world in a way quite polar to those who “love” the “Matrix.” This formula marks the complete return from out of zero point back into the physical world. Having dissolved their identity absolutely within the SELF or Source, they will now utilize a specific formula (which just happens to be that of the inverted pentagram) to concentrate the entire expression of ecstatic existential bliss back into our physical existence (just as in ancient Egypt and Greece). And once this formula has fully crystallized within the body, these beings will rise to power, wielding Magick as their means, to become the new Kings and Queens of the Earth. These are the children of Gaia Ladrieh. And their physical expression will be as fierce as wild tigers, their intellect as sharp as Japanese steel, and the aesthetic of their creations of unimaginable beauty.

Through the utilization of those discoveries which came as a result of the Dying God formula, in line with old world Earth Magick, they will actuate the palingenesis (full regeneration) of the Earth and go on to build the City of Pyramids, upon which they will found a global societal structure so unprecedented in its power, meticulous refinement, allure and majesty, that the combination of all the grand civilizations of the past will appear as the mere mediocre doddling of fractious infants.

LAShTAL was one of the first formulas to appear and be utilized following the Equinox of the Gods. The Formula of LAShTAL is quite different from the other two. Notice, that in the other two formulas, LA-AL-LA and AL-LA-AL, we find either dissolution (LA) or extension (AL) as the codon at the center of a double-helix phosphate, so to speak. But LAShTAL maintains an expression of duality in its outer makeup. Those who utilize this structure will experience the full inhale and exhale of Universal expression in waves, as they focus their attention at the center as “the lungs” of the Gods (this is represented by the combination of ShT (i.e. Shin/ATU XX and Teth ATU XI ) – this is expounded in detail in ‘Excalibur’).

These beings will be the walkers between the worlds. They will move in both spheres and have the ability to utilize both formulas. Eventually, they will expand into a mastery over various structures of expression, such as LAALLA-ShT-ALLAAL, etc. How this “pans” out (hehe) and is expressed in physical manifestation will be intriguing. There’s really no telling what the Universe has in store here.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that it is God/the SELF/the Universe that is the source of all of these various expressions of life. The truth is: consciousness wants to experience every possibility in every possible mode of expression. And this is all in perfect, divine alignment. But as you can see, we are about to experience a world and reality beyond our wildest imagination. And how you choose to navigate this “sea of consciousness” is completely up to you. This is the Aeon of Sovereignty and Independence. And there are no limits as to what you will be able to experience.

Therefore, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.

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