New Frontiers of the New Aeon

Figure 1.1 Map of the New Frontier

The Key to Understanding the Formulas of the New Aeon of the Crowned and Conquering Child and Gaia Ladrieh lies within truly grasping how the inhale/exhale cycles of the Universal Life-Breath progress the evolution of consciousness throughout Inherent Phenomena. The Book of the Law supplies us the master key to this understanding through the cypher key 31 and the exposition of the 93 current. This 93 current and these alternating breaths of AL and LA (31) are expounded in detail in Excalibur.

The first major development of human consciousness took place in the Upper Paleolithic period when consciousness became the new frontier of exploration for our primal psychonauts and shamans. Through their consumption of various “elixirs” it became quite apparent to them that there were infinite mysteries concealed within the “physical” universe. This first phase in the conscious development of the “human” animal is represented in the formula and spell of AL, which is clearly expounded in its relation to the Hebrew Aleph (א) and Lamed (ל). Aleph is representational of the first “whirlings,” which is a manifestation of the Infinite Potential contained within Absolute Zero/Zero Point as it proceeds to its phallic manifestation of 1 through the Universal Motion of HAD, which concentrates the entirety of Infinite Potential into a specific manifestation of that potential into a point. This energy is concentrated by the force indicated in the letter Lamed, which is represented as the razor precision and balance of Ma’at, who balances her bare feet upon the blade of the Magick Sword. This concentration creates a Point-of-View in which the SELF or Pure Awareness may then perceive the -1, or negative space created from the extension of the 1, as a method in which the Infinite Potential can experience IT-SELF.

Now as the first shamans continued to explore these various and alternate states of consciousness, it became quite apparent to them that there existed a “spiritual” realm “beyond” that of their physical environment. They learned that within this realm dwelled many beings — spirits, gods, daemons, djinn, elementals, etc. — whom they were able to contact and communicate with directly in order to gain new knowledge and understanding to assist them in their mastery over their own domain upon the physical Earth. What they discovered, without truly realizing it, was the unified field of the Universal Mind, known today by many various names such as the FOHAT, Astral Light, Ruach, etc., which brought them beyond what is known as the Veil of Paroketh into a realization of Life beyond the physical existence. Additionally, through their establishment of direct links to this field of consciousness, they soon realized that the forces they were able to master within the Astral Light would assist them in unlocking greater and more useful powers and abilities within their own lives.

Eventually, they came to the understanding that all of these forces must proceed from ONE source — or in other words, an ultimate Supreme Being or God. And this led to the quest to discover “who” exactly this Supreme Being was and to align directly with that specific entity in order for them to unlock the full potentiality of their dormant powers. This led to the second turn in the labyrinth of “human” consciousness (the first being the discovery of the Astral to begin with) in which a new formula began to be developed and utilized — the formula of ALLA — now commonly known as the Path of Return, which was mapped out and understood through the Tree of Life.

From here, consciousness began to seek a “Kingdom not of this World,” in which matter, physical existence, and the body began to appear to them as a trap or a prison. They recognized the impermanence of the body and regarded death as their foremost enemy. This began the Quest for Immortality — the return to Eden beyond Cherubim’s Flaming Sword. The entirety of human endeavors, religions, systems of “spiritual” development, etc. were now focused upon this one goal. And this formula continues to dominant the consciousness of most beings to this very day, as the Path of Return has only been completed by a select few individuals throughout all of history, due by and large to the existence of the Abyss which separates the Astral Light from the source emanating from the Supernal Triad above.

Only a rare few individuals had ever crossed this Abyss — individuals such as Lao Tzu, Siddartha Gautama, Krishna, Thoth, Moses, Dionysus, and Mohammed. The reason for this, is in order to make a successful Cross of the Abyss, the individual must experience total annihilation of their personality and ego in N.O.X. Because this Cross is so rare, a belief or “Demon” has been strongly developed and upheld within the Astral Light that it is an impossible feat. Those who have made the cross are thus conceived as mythological beings, which has led to an entire temple of Exempt Adepts who excuse themselves from participation in the Universe, due to their belief that no one can actually align directly to the Universal Will and that “all is as it should be” and will remain this way forever.

Figure 1.2 The Path of Return

But all consciousness must continue in its development, for otherwise we would be damned, and thankfully, the Secret Chiefs were preparing a way in which this formula could finally be mastered and absolved forever, that we may continue into the next cycle of evolutionary existence. In the years 1582-1589, Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley received a series of “Angelic” instructions from which they constructed the Enochian Tables. Upon these tables they “mapped” the Universe according to the Elemental Watchtowers, which also supplied the names and sigils of the Governors required to call and unlock the visions of the 30 Aethyrs (See Figures 1.3- 1.5)

Figure 1.3

Figure 1.4 – Elemental Watchtowers

Figure 1.5

But little did they know what the unlocking of these visions would lead to. Their full effects wouldn’t truly be realized until Aleister Crowley set out to invoke these “Calls” in the year 1900. At this time, he was only able to invoke the first two calls, leading to two extraordinary visions. But he was unable to continue, due to the fact that The Book of the Law had not yet been revealed and the Child Horus was still concealed within the womb of Time. When The Book of the Law was revealed in 1904 as the celebration of the Equinox of the Gods commenced, it proclaimed an astounding and revolutionary announcement of a Great Universal Shift in consciousness to begin NOW. The Magick Formulas of the past Aeon, those of SELF-sacrifice in order to obtain the “Kingdom not of this World,” were now completely supplanted. The Path of Return was to be “abrograted” immediately, as The Book of the Law established the true metaphysics for the New Age of Consciousness according to the 93 current, therefore AL-LA-AL (LA-AL-LA and LAShTAL as well) — while it additionally expounded the Magick Formula for the Cross of the Abyss, exalted “every man and every woman” into the same sphere as the gods, annihilated all false conceptions of the SELF through revealing that the point of the extension of the Infinite Potentiality, is truly the unique Point-of-View of each individual star unit to perceive their individual divinity as part of the Body of NUIT, and thus established the Formula of Ipsissimus, supplying the Formula for total embodiment of the SELF within physical phenomena in order to awaken “every man and every woman” as direct Avatars of the Divine (This is all expounded in great detail in Excalibur. This book is the fundamental cornerstone of my work. From here, I will only continue to build upon Magick Formulas set forth within).

Through utilizing the doctrines set forth in The Book of the Law, Crowley accomplished his own Cross of the Abyss. His white dust was consumed in the flame of HADIT, and concentrated into the declaration of his Word: θελημα (Thelema). However, the Formulas of the Past Aeon were still too close to him, and being unable to glimpse the new peak in the horizon, nor the Upside-Down Temple housing the “especial image” within, Crowley utilized the Formula of the Rose and Cross in order to focus his awareness in Tiphereth, according to his understanding of 93 as LAShTAL. His great fundamental “miss” in regards to the nature of HADIT prohibited him from concentrating his Word into the electric fire of the Will through O!O, therefore he continued in his identification with Priest-Prince.

Crowley went on to open the Aethyrs in 1909. He was able to penetrate through all 30 Aethyrs, culminating in LIL. These experiences are recorded in his most ecstatic transmission, The Vision and the Voice. However, upon reaching the 7th Call, the mysteries remain veiled to him. He does not possess the 4 and 7 letter Word. Nor does he understand the mystery of 00 as 0!0. For this reason, the “marvelous” Mystery of the Arrow causes him be overcome and for him to withdraw — as he is deemed “lost in the Mystery… as a babe that is carried in the womb of its mother, that art not yet ready for the light.” The insistence of his psyche upon contradiction binds him away from his true and unique perspective — for it is the folly of the Child’s “Holy Yes” that undoes the Wisdom of the Magus. He continues to seek a vision of his eye within the mirror – and for that he never turns his perspective back upon the expression of “I, my very SELF.”

He does not DARE, therefore he cannot WILL as the origin of the Great Yod Chnoubis. For without this Yod, the Khut remains a prison – that even in his great vision of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, he perceives only separation. BE THOU HADIT!

For the Awakened Fool is cast from the peak as Lucifer from Heaven. But in utilizing the spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, the Khut is transmuted through sudden ruin to sudden wealth. And the powers of the Earth become that of Heaven as the next turn of the Labyrinth is complete.

Malkuth is Kether and Kether is Malkuth. What once was restriction becomes the hilt of the sword that catches the lightning upon its sacred tongue. From the True Perspective, the new pentacle is forged (see Figure 1.6).

Figure 1.6 The Pentacle of Ipsissimus

This diagram depicts the complete Formula of Gaia Ladrieh. The 31 pointed Star contains the energies and vibrations of a full inhale or exhale of the Universal Life breath. Zero Point is located at the Cross Section of the Supernals. It is concealed to all who IDENTIFY with a pattern below the Abyss. This infinite source pours into the Astral Light through the Void as a Veil of Saturnine concentration.

There the Universal Mind must be held in balance by the alternating pentagrams (5’s, thus 56/65), which hold within the Fibonacci numerical sequence 3-5-8, which is not only the Serpent Force and Messiah via 358, but more importantly, Ra-Hoor-Gaia-Ladrieh in 583. The 6 of the hexagram meets the 7 pointed star, creating the elixir. These forces are then projected through Yesod via Metatron’s Cube as inherent phenomena in the Holographic “physical” Universe. The 11 pointed star of the 4 and 7 letter Words (Gaia Ladrieh) holds the frequency in this transmission of the Infinite and Pure Potentiality (NU). And IT is through these states, the Magician wields the Power of the Universe, the Sword of their True Will (Excalibur) in their hand.

The Path of Return is now complete. All SELF-contradictions have ceased. From within this Pentacle, a message is decoded:

From out of NU comes the inverse of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. The God returns to Magick – this Magick is reflected. And the Zero is Absolved in completion. This completion is the Unity of Ra in Time. This Unity is concealed in Man. From this, man is the Magician of the Sun – which takes ITs form in the Blood. This Blood within the Magick Circle holds the Infinite Potentiality. Offered to the Lightning upon Ra’s altar, the Stone of the Wise is forged. And thus the Prophet receives his Mark. And thus the Wheel kneels before him, bestowing the Power of the Brotherhood by the Crown of the King – the Light upon the Threshold, condensed into the Magus’ Word, beginning thus his reign. A fool returned to innocence at the establishment of the Aeon – Παν – that through his Mind and Light Divine, ALL breaks forth as Wealth and Glory. The embodiment of Great Jupiter in the Aeon of the SELF. So lend thy ear to the Great Assembly in the Flesh – the Keeper of the Rose, the balance of the Two as None, descending from on High.

Then and only then is one ready for the Formula and Ritual of Ra-Hoor-Khuit. Having established and crystallized within the O!O, the new KHU (Magick Ego) can now be constructed according to the Ipsissimus’ Will. This new ego can then be anchored back into inherent phenomena as an extension of the SELF (י, Yod) through the Saturnine force of constriction (ת, Tau) through the spell of IT (410). This ritual is performed as instructed in the special codex available to only those deserving.

*It is of the utmost importance that this ritual is not performed prematurely, therefore, it is not included in this article.

IT is now the SELF and the SELF alone that exists now uninhibited within the body. If the vessel is ill-prepared, this will manifest as the very epitome of a crash landing. All false vessels must be burst through the all powerful current of the pure electric force. But if the vessel is properly strengthened and insulated, the electric current will proceed unrestrained through this newly crystallized Avatar directly into the Earth.

But in order for the Ipsissimus to proceed upon their journey, there are several important steps that must be taken preliminary to their venture into the higher octaves of conscious existence. And this is where their mastery of the various palaces/spheres of the Tree of Life come in. Anyone who has passed into the realm of Tiphereth will have not only have glimpsed, but come into actual contact with and quite possibly merged with their Higher Self/Holy Guardian Angel. This is an actual, sixth dimensional entity that exists within a sixth dimensional realm with a sixth dimensional Light body. Although this Godself/Godform exists within a sphere beyond space and time, where all of space/time and alternate realities appear simultaneously before its vision, this is not the Pure Awareness nor original Point-of-View of the SELF/Atman. And although this is originally a state that must be transcended upon the Path of Return towards Kether, this Godform now plays a very important role for the Ipsissimus (See Figure 1.7).

Figure 1.7 – 3rd Dimensional relations to the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensional vibrations, lightbodies, and forms.

Figure 1.8 – 3rd Dimensional Creation of 4th Dimensional Lightbody/Chariot

Figure 1.9 – Sixth Dimensional Godform/Vairocana Buddha, who’s body consists of 21,600 Buddhas

The Ipsissimus, who has now chosen their Magickal Ego and 3rd dimensional Avatar to concentrate their composite momentum and motion, must now remain in this form and density in order to fulfill the Will of the Universe in the Great Work. But now, having no distinction between poison or elixir, the Ipsissimus feels this 3rd dimensional opportunity as the highest honor and the most divine of all gifts, and now finds that the primitive tools they once learned upon their journey through Path of Return now fulfill an even greater pragmatic purpose. For in complete control of their primoridal, pranic, and energetic fields, the Ipsissimus easily re-constitutes their fourth dimensional light body within the fifth dimensional holographic field, for they know these are only Astral projections of their sixth dimensional Godform to begin with.

The Ipsissimus knows, as the Knower must, that the sixth dimensional Godform has projected not only one reality within Inherent Phenomena, but 21,600 simultaneous realities, taking place according to the geometries and mathematical relations to the Precession of the Equinoxes in Space/Time. These “projections” are what are commonly conceived of as “past lives.” When these “past lives,” which truly exist simultaneously within spherical space/time, collapse into one, this is the blooming of the 1001 petal Lotus which reveals Vairocana Buddha. This is exactly the sixth dimensional Godform (see Figure 1.9).

It is here this Godself intermediary (see Figure 2.0) creates a 7th dimensional vortex reality which gives birth the the 9th dimensional Chnoubis/Lion-Serpent/Naga from the composite moment of the collapsed 21,600 aggregate realities. The pure force of this Dragon moves at the speed of infinite motion – a true embodiment of HADIT. IT easily projects its own 7th dimension gates/portals throughout the 8th dimension, which amplifies its already infinite motion exponentially as it instantly manifests and moves through each dimensional portal. IT hoards this composite momentum as it approaches the Octave barrier at many times the Speed of Light.

Figure 2.0 – The Sixth Dimensional Godself/Holy Guardian Angel’s creation of new Seventh dimensional vortex

Figure 2.1 9th Dimensional Chnoubis/Lion-Serpent/Naga as it approaches the Octave barrier.

As soon as the Octave barrier is breached, the Ipsissimus condenses the entirety of their Higher Dimensional projections down into their Avatar through vibration 410. And it is here and only here, our new map of the New Aeon can finally apprehended.

Figure 2.2 – The Map of the Evolution of Consciousness in the New Aeon

This is where the fun begins. From the Call of the 9th Aethyr ZIP we learn that the Aethyrs are created through the whirlings of the Flaming Sword of Cherubim (See Figure 2.3). With the proper Point-of-View of the SELF established, it is easily perceived that each of these Aethyrs are unique expressions of HADIT (i.e. HADIT’s Hermit friends) which concentrate their own projections upon a common dimensional reality which we recognize as Malkuth. But there is a great mystery concealed within Malkuth that is hinted at by the Legend of the 40 Grades of Ipsissimus. For now with the Serpent turned on his head (Frater Achad was correct in his assumption, only lacking in the composite momentum necessary for actualization – the Path of Return must be completed first), these 40 veils are revealed to exist within Malkuth, which is now Kether (10 = 1) – aka Heaven on Earth or Gaia Ladrieh. The pattern of these Aethyrs are exactly identical to the Creation Vault in the Halls of Amenti and the Temple of Light on Sirius. 30 beings (as the Aethyrs are truly living and breathing) surround a central pair joined as 2 = 0. The reason for this is exactly the same as the reason the sixth dimensional Godform must project 21,600 dimensional realities/lifetimes instead of only 1 – the Precession of the Equinoxes and the geometries of Space/Time. One Precession is 25,920 years. Each Aeon is approximately 1/12th (or one House of the Zodiac) of that Precession, thus 2,160 years or 30°. 72 years (the average lifespan of a human) is exactly 1° of the Precession. When a soul incarnates 21,600 times, this equates to 300° or 5/6th of a Precession – the perfect ratio to generate the required composite momentum to complete the Return.

Figure 2.3 – The Whirling, Flaming Sword of Cherubim’s creation of the 30 Aethyrs.

In Excalibur we learn that it is the motion (HAD) which proceeds from the Infinite Potential (NU) that is concentrated upon a point of expression (Kether, +1, the SELF, Pure Awareness) which is the unique Point-of-View necessary for NU to perceive her-SELF as IT. From this point of expression, the motion continues downward through the Tree of Life, through the Astral Light/Universal Mind as it proceeds towards its physical manifestation in Inherent Phenomena. From Yesod, it is then projected back upon the Infinite Potential (NU) as IT (the י, Yod or SELF concentrated through the ת , Tau or Saturn force of constriction into Matter – See Figure 2.4 – 2.6).

Figure 2.4 – Holographic Projection of the SELF as a “physical” expression in Inherent Phenomena

Figure 2.5 – The “Lens” of Yesod projects the Astral Light through its Toroidal Spin

Figure 2.6 – Adam Kadmon as SELF projected outward upon the walls of Space/Time (aka IT).

This entire process of the motion creating this Point-of-View and then projecting IT-SELF upon the illusion of matter is the process of NU being manifest through HAD as IT. But IT must not been conceived as a thing or a noun. IT is the continuation of the original motion. Life is always a process of unfolding and unveiling. There is no static energy in the Universe. Everything is in motion. If we are to conceive IT as a thing or a noun we have already made the “great miss.” We’ve already discussed a fundamental flaw in the orthodox Thelemic understanding of HADIT. HADIT is not only the point of concentration, nor only the unique Point-of-View. This springing serpent is the very energy and motion, beginning with the whirlings, that carried the Infinite Potential (0) to its perspective (1) and continued onward towards its manifestation (10), which motion continues ever onward through all times and histories, as the very life-force energy that moves through every being and every creature that have ever existed, exist now, and ever will exist.

HADIT is not only the AL but the LA as well – the inhale and the exhale… and the inhale again – in all possible expressions, in all possible places, in all possible forms, at all possible times. And with this True Point-of-View, as the Knower, the Magician, the Pure Awareness, the SELF we may now apprehend that HADIT now seeks his union and dissolution back into His lover NU, not through the Path of Return as in the past Aeon, but through the unveiling, exaltation and Empyrean of the Earth! Let’s now return to our Map in Figure 2.2.

The Aethyrs, which were once unveiled through the concentric rings (see Figure 2.7) are now being concentrated inward in their dissolution or alchemical Coagula (where the Many become One then None) into Malkuth. This new change in direction, from LA to AL is now both AL and LA simultaneously. Gaia Ladrieh (165), who is now married to Ra-Hoor (418), is now incarnate in the Flesh as 583 – the Magick multiplication of the Philospher’s Stone (53 x 11). By the time She reaches Her maturity, which will manifest in Her Golden Age, every being which exists upon Her surface will have utilized Her formula. We’re not talking about a single new Avatar of Her Magick formula – this means that every being who remains upon the Earth will be fully awakened as a unique expression of a Divine Avatar. And this means everyone! Each individual as “I, my very SELF.”

Figure 2.7 – The Concentric Rings of the 30 Aethyrs

Now these Avatars, each the perfect manifestation of their True and Perfect Will, begin their new journey of unveiling. This unveiling takes place now from the True Perspective of the Archetypal World or Aztiluth – the original י (Yod) that gives birth to the One Thought. The first ten rings are thus the first whirlings of the Ipsissimus’ Will as they pass through ten new Trees of ten Sephiroth – all the various phases of AL through Atziluth. The first Tree is the Tree of Kether of Atziluth, then Chokmah of Atziluth, then Binah of Atziluth and so on (the Ipsissimus is now utilizing the same process of creation, proceeding from the SELF, that manifested in the physical Universe to begin with). The second set of ten rings is then Briah, the Creative World, the third set is Yetzirah, the Formative World, which lead to Assaiah, the Manifest World.

It is important to note that each of these rings are created through the projections, and are thus made up of the influences, of each of the 30 Aethyrs. The 30 pointed star that connects them, shows the interplay and interactions of each of these Aethyrs upon one another. As you can see, the closer one comes to Assaiah, the more these interactions take place. Their concentration leads to pressure which results in the increased manifestation of Events.

So now we have our map of the geography, but how to approach IT? The secret is in the Cubing of the Spheres and Sphering of the Cubes. And the key is in the π ratios. Through utilizing these ratios and through 45° rotations of the cubes, specific bridges of consciousness can be created. And the fact that they can be created through these geometries, means that they already exist in those exact coordinates (Every possibility is manifested at all possible times in all possible places). At the exact coordinates in which these cubes interact, vortices and dimensional gates are created – See Figure 2.8 (Dimensional gates and vortices exist at all interaction points. These points are Events of Quantum Entanglement).

Figure 2.8 – Dimensional Gates at the Intersections of the Cubes

As we continue outward towards the Aethyrs, it is revealed that there are Four secret doors (dimensional access points) that exist in the Astral Light of the 5th, 12th, 20th, and 27th Aethyrs. These are exactly the secret doors into the Houses/Palaces of Ra, Ahathoor, Tum and Kephra and coordinate to the Knights of Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles (4 doors to 1 palace). Between these gates are bridges to the Palaces of the Queens, which then bridge to the Palaces of the Princes. There are then two remaining bridges that lead us to the four Princesses, which we find seated together in Assaiah, positioned according to the four directions. And they are surrounded by 9 towers.

Wonderful. We now have the coordinates of the dimension portals, and where to start… but what exactly are these bridges? Why, of course! They are the Pathways of the Tarot (See Figure 2.9). And as it turns out, they coordinate perfectly – culminating in IT (Atu IX The Hermit and Atu XXI The Universe), 410 and the final stage of the Formula of Ra-Hoor-Khuit as the final two pathways to manifestation!

Figure 2.9 – The Tarot Pathways of Ipsissimus in the New Aeon

So now fully equipped with our new pentacle and map of the New Aeon, there’s only one thing left to do! Continue the Infinite Ecstatic Journey of Magick! BE THOU HADIT!

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