The Magick of Gaia Ladrieh: Part 1

The Rise of Gaia Ladrieh - The First Completion Seal

The First Completion Seal of The Rise of Gaia Ladrieh

Over the last two years, the Magick Formulas of the New Aeon of Horus have progressed at lightning speed. Excalibur announced and expounded the Formula of Ipsissimus, the O!O Academy of Magick Arts and Sciences was founded and is now thriving and well, The Vision of Gaia Ladrieh (a Prophetic transmission on the Rise of the New Earth) has been received and published, the first Ritual of Gaia Ladrieh has been performed, the First Gate unlocked, and The Rise of Gaia Ladrieh: The Crowned and Conquering Child (a fictional novel depicting the Formula of Gaia Ladrieh in a way such as a child can understand) is ready to be unleashed upon the world. In addition to this, the land for the Temple of the Archinox has been located and it will not be long before construction commences.

But unless you are a full time devotee to the Path of Magick, it is quite possible this all appears to you as gibberish, a bunch of random images, symbols, words, and numbers – which couldn’t be further from the truth. And it is now my true desire to extend a bridge out to you, that you may share in the celebration and marvel in the coming Events.

Figure 10.1 – Diagram of the First Ten Dimensions of Consciousness

This diagram depicts the new changes in consciousness with mathematic precision. At this point in our conscious evolution, it is just now becoming apparent that our third dimensional “physical” existence is entirely dependent upon the 6th and 9th dimensions. This is because our third dimensional reality is, in-fact, only a coating upon the 6th dimension (the Astral Sun), which is, in-turn, a coating upon the 9th dimension, which happens to be a Black Hole or singularity (the Black Sun) from which the 8th dimensional torus field emanates. This 9th dimensional singularity is a result of the extension (HAD) of the Infinite Potentiality (Absolute Zero or NU) towards manifestation (IT).

IT is here we must understand, that what we perceive as “physical” reality is only an interpretation of reality by the mind. When you press down on something with your finger or hold an object in your hand, such as your phone, you perceive that it is a solid object merely because that is how the mind interprets the electromagnetic repulsion that is taking place between the atoms that make up the object and the atoms that make up your hand. In actuality, there is nothing in the Universe that is solid whatsoever. All of matter moves and flows all the time, just as a river. IT is all a vibrational current. THAT is IT. In this same manner, we can never encounter the same object twice. By the time you come back to an object again at another point in space and time, that object has already changed. If you really take the time to think about it, the entire concept of a “noun” is exactly that – only a concept. There are no nouns. Everything is in motion. IT will always be in motion.

Now when we come to this realization of this motion, it is then we begin to take notice of the patterns (or orbits) that appear within this space and time. Each of us has a natural orbit, which is the manifestation of our signature energy or vibration. When we move in our natural orbit, our experience within projected reality is that of bliss, joy, and ecstasy. When we do not move in our natural orbit, we immediately experience pain, suffering, and sorrow. It is here we discover that we ourselves cause this experience by inhibiting our natural orbit and motion according to patterns that are a result of our Mind and not our original signature energy. This is moving beyond a life living according to 3rd dimensional stimuli and reactions alone. This is the move into a higher dimensional state of consciousness. This is often the beginning of the “spiritual” path and the initiation of what is known in Magick as the Path of Return.

For those who don’t know, this is where the Tree of Life comes in (See figure 10.2).

Figure 10.2 – The Qabalistic Tree of Life

The Tree of Life represents these varying states of consciousness in coordination to Numbers (Sephiroth) and Grades. Each of these Sephiroth/Numbers/Grades are connected by Paths of Wisdom which are represented by the 22 Major Arcana cards in the Tarot. These Grades are 2 = 9 or Theoricus in association to 9 or Yesod, 3 = 8 or Practicus in association to 8 or Hod, 4 = 7 or Philosophus in association to 7 or Netzach, 5 = 6 or Adeptus Minor associated with 6 or Tiphereth, 6 = 5 or Adeptus Major associated with 5 or Geburah, 7 = 4 or Adeptus Exemptus associated with 4 or Chesed, 8 = 3 or Magister Templi associated to 3 or Binah, 9 = 2 or Magus associated to 2 or Chokmah, and 10 = 1 or Ipsissimus associated to 1 or Kether. And while these grades and these pathworkings have been formally ritualized and traditionalized through the various schools of Magick throughout the ages, what is commonly misunderstood is that each of these Grades represent actual states of consciousness with actual changes in the energetic field of the individual that coordinate directly to the geometries of Space/Time, the Astral Light, and the projection of the 8th dimensional Torus from the 9th dimensional Black Hole. What each of these states or grades actually represent are points of identification within projected reality and what the Path of Return is truly meant for is to realign the individual with the True Perspective and unique Point-of-View of their True SELF, which causes the individual to combust entirely within the motion of their signature energetic expression. And if you refer back to Figure 10.1, this diagram shows you exactly how to do this.

Since the spiritual revolution of the 1960’s, the doors of perception were blown open towards alternate approaches to spirituality outside the accepted paths of predominant cult-ure. Many individuals were exposed to the Eastern traditions. The various concepts and systems of chakras, kundalini, yoga, tantra, meditation, etc. have been explored in all varieties and ways – some austere, some playful, some sincere, some not. Many have argued over which paths, which systems, which gurus, etc. are correct and which ones are shams. But the point is not to establish a dogmatic system of practice, ritual, tradition, or method. The point is to apprehend reality exactly as IT is and to experience IT directly in order that we may gain the authority of experience. This is where the Temple of the Archinox is going to come in for many of you, as it is designed specifically to initiate the necessary experiences for your growth and development in your own true authority.

Let’s begin with the human energy field and the chakras. At this point in time, you’d have to be living in a cave to be unfamiliar with the 7 chakra centers and their placement within the body. There are countless diagrams on the internet with relatively similar information. I’m sure you’re familiar with chakra healing and have most likely spent time performing clearings, etc. upon these energy centers within yourself. But even here, it is quite common to find a “great miss,” even at so basic level. This comes from the etymological misunderstanding of the word “chakra” and what exactly it is. A chakra is commonly translated as a wheel, but should more accurately be conceived of as a gravitational sphere or continuum of energy. And thus we find its key in the Kalachakra Tantra, the most advanced of the Tibetan yogas: “Kala” means time. “Chakra” means a “continuum.” And “Tantra” means “to weave” – thus “the weaving of the space/time continuum.”

Figure 10.3 – Energy Hydraulics

The truth is, there are many more than 7 chakras. The Kalachakra Tantra calculates that there are 21,600 chakras contained within the human energy field. This is based upon the Old Aeon Precession of the Equinoxes. This is, however, inaccurate. This calculation, along with all other Dying God Formula calculations according to Space/Time and its 12 divisions, are based upon a system that is in Djarklom (a split in consciousness which results in 1 manifesting as 3). To calculate the actual number, you must take into account the nature of Space/Time, which honors the Law of Heptaparaparshinokh (Law of Sevens/Octaves), which then points us to 77, which in its return to DO gives us 5,764,801 (equal to the actual number of frequencies in the Light spectrum). When each of these channels are cleared, the lightning strikes, as the “physical” vessel has now become the perfect conductor of the inherent power of the Universe. It is the lightning striking in this manner (and this alone) which causes the Kundalini to rise and lock in at the Mouth of the Goddess chakra at the back of the neck.

When this is complete, what is now understood as the human chakra system serves as the axle of the Mer-Ka-Ba (or Human Lightbody/Chariot) field. This is a 4th dimensional field that links the awareness back into the spherical nature of Space/Time, allowing one to move freely throughout the Astral Realm/Mental Plane/Ruach. This is when “past lives,” alternate timelines/realities, and parallel dimensions are seen for what they actually are: Mental Projections all taking place in the eternal NOW.

Figure 10.4 – 6th Dimensional GodForm/Holy Guardian Angel/Higher Self

projects lower dimensional reality.

And these mental projections have a source: the Godform/Holy Guardian Angel/Higher Self. This sixth dimensional Godform is a medium. Make sure to get that perfectly clear. It only exists when the SELF is split in Djarklom. A perfect example of this can be seen in the relationship between Aleister Crowley and Aiwass in The Book of the Law (this is covered extensively in Excalibur). Another example is with St. John and the Angel that guides him in his Revelation. The major cause of Θελημα, most of the systems of Magick (along with every major religion) is the unification with this Higher Self.

Please read this very carefully:

The Higher Self is your conception of God.

THAT’s IT. It is no more than a conception. But it is not until this unification with this 6th Dimensional Godform that you may actually glimpse for the first time the true reality. Until this point, the Godform eclipses the true light. This unification with the Godform is what is known as Tiphereth a.k.a. the state of consciousness of the Adeptus Minor or 5 = 6. When you have reached this point, you will literally be able to view all of your lives, alternate realities, etc. from a perspective beyond Space and Time. This is the test. In the Temple of the Archinox, this is the division between the Complex Paradox or outer six exoteric sections of the Temple, and the esoteric initiation that takes place within. The Trials of the 7 Djinn are designed specifically that no being who has not merged with their Higher Self will be able to pass. It will be simply impossible to fake it. Either this connection has formed or it has not. Period.

There are various tried and true methods that all result in this unification. Total devotion to any of the major religions will result in this “mystic” experience. Following the Kalachakra Initiation through Deity Yoga will also yield this result. It is possible to reach it directly through the sacramental approach of entheogens (despite the fact that this leads to great difficulties in integration later on down the road). The doorways to this Palace are literally endless. No matter what path you take, whether Mormonism, Islam, Buddhism, or Satanism, you will arrive at the exact same place.

The reason for this is that this is your core within the Formative Astral World. And no matter what path you take to your core, you will inevitably find it. Yet the realization within this state yields only perspective. It is much akin to being an audience member in a very enjoyable movie. Despite how much you may enjoy the film, it will always eat at you from the deepest region of your psyche that this is not the Source IT-SELF and there is much more to explore. Who’s projecting this film? What is the light source? What is it that is able to observe even this state? These are the questions that drive the seeker to deeper exploration.

Eventually, the decision must be made to go forward from this state. In Tiphereth, a full identification has taken place with everything that you think that you are (aka God). But remember, (and thus our reason for such great emphasis), this is a conception only. Maya still exists and within this movie or this play (projections upon the 8th dimensional torus field) still resides everything you believe or think you are not (a.k.a. the Devil). For some of you, this devil may be Satan. For some of you, Jesus. For others, Republicans or Democrats, hippies or yuppies, etc. It doesn’t really matter what this “demon” is. What is important is that it is seen for the limiting belief that it is. And this is where your conceptions must begin to break – thus the appearance of this Demon, the manifestation of the Mental Patterns which block us from perceiving reality as IT really is. Our definitions of the Devil, of evil, etc. are only symbolic representations of the manifestations in inherent phenomena to which our identifications have an aversion to. In Geburah, this polarity plays a great role – as it is our conceptions of what we are not that allows us to take control over our own energetical Mer-Ka-Ba field, and therefore our reality. It is here the Magick circle is truly formed and it is here that the “Sacred No” of Nietzsche’s Second Metamorphosis really takes the stage.

Having gained a perspective that now views life from beyond the veil of space and time, the Adeptus Major now attempts “to do” for the first time in their life/lives. By taking full accountability for ALL manifestations within their reality, the Adeptus Major now chooses to cause change according to Will. These changes are mostly inspired or catalyzed by aversions. But nonetheless, the Adeptus Major learns to assert their signature energy upon their reality, and in so doing, realize themselves as the actual Creator of every single detail within their experience. They learn through direct experience that their limitations and beliefs are, in fact, false. Which leads them by new grace to their exemption from the karmic ties of their past and brings them into a new crystallized state represented by 7 = 4, the Adeptus Exemptus.

This energetic exemption allows the Adeptus Exemptus access to the 7th dimension via their 6th dimensional Godform, which opens to them free movement throughout the Astral Realms within the 8th dimensional torus field. It is here many reach a distinct refinement and proficiency in Astral Magick (the lower Magick of Yetzirah or forms). This is where many continue on in endless work with patron deities, demons, etc. They are sovereign beings – free to live their life as they choose. But the real question is if they will choose to live their life as they Will. The next stop on the path is Mastery. But with the Abyss between them and the appearance that they have reached the Holy Mountain (though truly only the Pantheon Bar), they are quite content to stay where they are. Many here are content to remain a scholar, an expert, a writer, a commentator, a successful business person, artist, a guide, or even… an authority. They do not truly believe that actualized enlightened masters really exist. Or perhaps they believe they are an enlightened master, though “they would never claim it” or “are not yet ready to claim it. They need more time.” They feel themselves to be at the peak of existence, and perhaps they’ve convinced themselves that to go any further is only the stuff of legend and folklore… nice stories at best. But what they don’t realize is that this is the greatest mind trick of them all… and the most egotistical.

To Cross the Abyss, it is necessary that one surrender every drop of their being to the divine. To withhold a single drop is to drink damnation to your soul. For what is actually taking place, is the consciousness (and 6th dimensional Godform) moves its point of awareness away from its manifestation as inherent phenomena in space and time and returns its point-of-awareness to the 9th dimensional black hole or Source. The closer the consciousness comes to this singularity, the more immediate are the manifestations of the limiting mental patterns, beliefs, and trauma (stored energy) in the 3rd dimensional existence. Their culmination is what is known in Magick as the Demon Choronzon, which is represented by the number 333. This demon must be faced and overcome in order for the Magician to take control over their own mind (a.k.a. the Astral Light). Up to this point, the mind is the one in control over one’s reality… and the closer you get to the Abyss, the more of a fight it puts up to maintain its supremacy. Once you cross to the other side of the Abyss, which really means that you have returned your identification back to the original Point-of-View located at the 9th dimensional black hole (the center point of Figure 10.1), the mind becomes the Magician’s greatest tool. It no longer works against them, but for them. This is when one truly comes into contact with their real genius (which derives from “djinn,” the tutelary or moral spirit, thus why the Greeks sought out their Daemon).

Once on the other side of the Abyss, which is equated to the Grade of Magister Templi or 8 = 3, the consciousness has locked in at the 9th dimensional singularity, and the individual identity is released. IT is here one finds themselves feeling and experiencing the entirety of reality within the 8th dimensional torus field in association with their “I.” This is the famous “ego death” or N.O.X. (Night of Pan) in which one is reborn as NEMO (or no man). This experience is the epitome of water. Existence is fluid – drifting and floating through time and space without direction or Will. This is due to an identification which takes place with what is seen from the original Point-of-View (the 9th dimension/EYE/SELF), but the truth is, IT is not the EYE IT-SELF. IT is what is projected from the EYE – from the Source. There is one more inversion that must take place, and this represented in the transition to Chokmah or 9 = 2 and the Magus.

This is the manifestation of the WORD. The Magician’s Word is the culmination of their Will. All of their energy must be funneled through this Word. This draws the consciousness back from the 8th dimensional torus field to ITs origin in the 9th dimensional singularity. This force is concentrated down, down, down through Saturnine constriction until an eruption takes place and the Magus combusts entirely into the motion of their Will.

The task of the Ipsissimus is explained in detail in Excalibur. Essentially, the Ipsissimus concentrates the entirety of their Will and signature energy directly into a Khuit (Magick Ego of the SELF extended into Matter). This allows the entire flow of their soul-force to rush through them unimpeded into the Earth.

And this is where the Magick of Gaia Ladrieh begins.

Part Two is available for those who can see and those who can hear.

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