Academy of the Magick Arts and Sciences

The O! O Magick Arts and Sciences – Fundamentals Course – $900/MONTH (Minimum Three Month Commitment Required)

*Two Lessons per Week


-Introduction to the Tarot, Tree of Life, and Tarot Pathways

-Introduction to the Qabalah and Numerology

-Introduction to Excalibur and the Book of the Law

-Introduction to Understanding and Breaking Down Occult Texts

-Introduction to Symbols, Sigils, Magickal Names, Mottos, and Formulas

-Introduction to Magickal Ritual and Ceremony

-Introduction to the Ruach/Astral Light

-Introduction to Astral Vision

Advanced High Magick Course – $5000/MONTH (Minimum Three Month Commitment Required)

*2-3 Lessons per week, Unlimited Communication, Intensive Course Load


-Introduction to Astral Travel and Projection

-Advanced Tarot and Qabalah

-Accessing Bardo/Interdimensional States

-Introduction to the Kalachakra Tantra

-Introduction to the Identification of Entities, Spirits, Daemons, and God-forms

-Advanced Magick Ritual and Ceremony

-Advanced Magick Formulas and Innovative Creation

-Introduction to Magick Construction: Magickal Tools, Ritual Garments, and Relics

-Advanced Magick Construction: The Magick Vault

-Advanced Astral Travel and Introduction to Astral Healing and Surgery

-Advanced Kalachakra Tantra (Deity/Daemon Yoga)

-The Key to Dissolution (Mastering the LA Formula)

-Introduction to the CROSS of the Abyss.

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