Declaration of Rights

Gaia Ladrieh is the establishment of the Golden Age of the New Earth. Beneath Her (the Earth’s) banner, all beings upon Her surface are honored and exalted as the Divine Expressions of the Infinite Light. Beneath this banner, all beings are supported and protected to live according to the Law of their Unique Soul Expression – in which they may live according to the way in which they will to live. To work as they will, to play as they will, to rest as they will, to die when, how, and if they will (ref. Liber Oz).

Each being has the right to eat as they will, to drink as they will, to dwell as they will, and to move upon the face of the Earth as they will.

They have the right to think as they will, to speak as they will, to write as they will, to draw, paint, carve, etch, mould, build as they will.

They have the right to love as they will, to “take their fill and will of love as ye will – when, where, and with whom ye will” (Liber AL 1.51).

Beneath this banner, are these rights and virtues protected, honored and exalted:

  1. To be Musical in Essence
  2. To be Eloquent in Speech
  3. To Command by Energy
  4. To be Total in Transparency
  5. To Continuously Evolve
  6. To be Deliberate in Action
  7. To Use AL Means as Ends
  8. To be Exact in Praise
  9. To be Immune to Flattery
  10. To be Insignificant in Scale
  11. To be Vast in Depth
  12. To be Vibrant in Emotion
  13. To be Devoid of Meaning
  14. To Create only Harmony
  15. To be Lethal in Defense
  16. To be Strengthened through Ordeal
  17. To Be Master’s of One’s Spirit
  18. To Perceive All Impressions
  19. To Glorify ALLA by AL
  20. To Scream only “Freedom!”
  21. To Yield no Quarter
  22. To be Beyond Words, Conceptions, Forms and Time

We declare these rights to be SELF-evident truths – that the Human spirit may never again be restricted, oppressed, nor denied.

Unto these ends do we declare the full concentration of our Ultimate Will.

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