Magick Courses and Curriculum

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This school is intended for those willing to go all the way. It is not for idle curiosity nor hobby. This is for those who want to transform their entire life into Magickal Ritual and Ceremony – for those who are ready to realize every interaction in their life as a direct dealing of God with their soul. These courses are limited to twelve students total. Feel free to inquire with any questions.

The 0!0 School of Magick – Year One Curriculum

Each monthly course includes 4 online lessons per week. All lessons, home work, and reading assignments will be personally catered to each individual student’s experience. A final exam will determine certification in the course. Additional personal guidance and instruction is always available.

Introduction to the Tarot – One Month Course – $913

This course is is designed for those brand new to the Tarot or new to Qabalistic Tarot analysis. The course focuses upon the importance of the Tarot’s structure in relation to the Tree of Life’s Ten Sephiroth and 22 Wisdom Paths of the Major Arcana.

Introduction to Hermetic Philosophy and Principles – One Month Course – $913

This course is designed to introduce you to the Hermetic Principles of the Ageless Wisdom, beginning with the Seven Hermetic Axioms of the Kybalion.

Introduction to the Qabalah and Number Theory – One Month Course – $913

This course focuses upon the importance of Numbers, the Tree of Life, and the Hebrew letters as integral keys to the doors of Occult and Esoteric understanding. Without this knowledge, true progress in Magick stops here. By the end of this course, a new language will have opened to you and you’ll find that the secret doors guarding a whole realm of Magick possibility have flung open before you.

Advanced Qabalah and Number Theory – One Month Course – $913

This course requires both Introduction to Qabalah and Number Theory and Introduction to the Tarot as prerequisites (prerequisite requirements may be fulfilled by an optional test). This advanced course will work specifically with complex number analysis and Gemutria. This knowledge will form the basis for drafting true Magick spells, formulas, and utilizing words of power.

Introduction to Occult Text Analysis – One Month Course – $913

Occult texts are infamous for their cryptic use of ciphers, numerical codes, and concealed truths. This course will teach you how to begin to pierce through the veils and crack into the true meanings behind these texts, providing you with a strong foundation to approach their inner meanings.

Advanced Occult Text Analysis – One Month Course – $913

This advanced course requires all four introductory courses as prerequisites (Introduction to the Tarot, Introduction to Hermetic Philosophy and Principles, Introduction to Qabalah and Number Theory, and Introduction to Occult Text Analysis). This course will focus on empowering the student in the independent sovereignty of their own personal study. Each student will select an occult work of their own choice and work on a guided and complete breakdown of the entire text.

Secret Keys, Pathways, and Magick Formula of the Tarot – One Month Course – $913

This advanced course requires the introductory courses as well as Advanced Qabalah and Number Theory as prerequisites. The Seven Secret Keys, the Tarot Pathways and the hidden Magick formula concealed within the Tarot are of the greatest value to the true and serious student of Magick. It is at this point the Tarot truly springs to life as an organic and fully active tool in the Magician’s hands. The construction of Magick formula utilizing the Tarot is imperative for personal advancement. This course will give you all of the tools and knowledge necessary to take this step.

Introduction to Aleister Crowley, Thelema, and ‘The Book of the Law’ – One Month Course – $913

The legacy of the oft considered “notorious” or even “villainous” Aleister Crowley, despite his reputation, is that of one of the most powerful and influential Magicians the world has ever known. ‘The Book of the Law’ demands attention and respect, for it proves its claims inexhaustibly and inexorably. And for that alone, no Magick education is complete without a detailed and full analysis of the text and its declarations: “Every man and every woman is a star” and “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

Magick Formulas of ‘The Book of the Law’ – One Month Course – $913

All above courses are prerequisites to this course. This advanced course is a detailed and focussed study on the Magick formulas contained within ‘The Book of the Law’ as analyzed in ‘Excalibur: The Book of the Law: Solved.’ This course will focus upon the Beast and Scarlet Woman, 31313, 418, and ABRAHADABRA formulas, along with the ‘Spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit’.

Introduction to Constructing Ritual – One Month Course – $913

Constructing and composing original Magick rituals is one of the truest tests of a Magician. In fact, it showcases one’s knowledge, power and attainment simultaneously and instantly through the power and efficacy of the ritual’s performance and results. All aspects of ritual must be considered in order to properly formulate a potent ritual. This course will lay all of the proper groundwork.

Magick Sigils, Mottos, Names and Symbols – $913

The creation of the Magus’ sigils, motto, name and symbols is a direct manifestation of the Magus’ Will. It presents and transmits these energies to all those “with eyes to see” and confirms the Magus’ relation to the SELF – the source of the Magus’ power and authority. This course is directed to the development of your own sigil, motto, name and symbols of authority. It is your own SELF-proclaimed certification, which is all that truly matters.

Advanced Ritual and Magick – One Month Course – $913

When every line is measured and meted, when every word expresses the Will of the Magician and the Universe – exactly in tone, rhythm, numerical value and meaning, when every thought is consumed in the fire of the One true thought, concentrated and directed into each and every movement and symbol, when every gesture is perfected and intentional, when every article of adornment expresses the fullness of the Magician’s understanding, when the entire environment of the Magician is transmuted by the white light of the Soul — then and only then is true mastery attained. This course is the culmination of all previous lessons.

Year 2

The availability of Year 2 Curriculum is dependent upon evaluation and performance throughout Year 1 courses.

Year 2 Curriculum includes: Introduction to Astral Projection, Advanced Astral Projection, Introduction to Deity Yoga, Advanced Deity Yoga, Introduction to Astral Healing and Surgery, Introduction to Invocations and Evocations, Magick Formula of the Logos, Introduction to Magick Seals and Protections, Introduction to the Watch Towers and the Fourth Dimension, Polarities of the Ruach, Introduction to Time Travel and Past Life Integration, Advanced Time Travel and Timeline Shifts

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