Official Publications

Exalibur: The Book of the Law: Solved

Liber DLXXXIII: The Magick Formula of Ipsissimus

A full explanation of ‘The Book of the Law’, ‘The Book of Revelation’, and the new Magick Formula of the New Earth. This work is a concentrated, focused, and intellectual examination of the Universe, which inexorably proves the “spiritual” nature of life, as it expounds the immortal statement of the Aeon: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”


-Exhaustive Qabalah Key and explanation of Number Theory

-Verse by verse explanation of ‘The Book of the Law’

-Full explanation on the History and Development of Human Consciousness, Mythology and Culture

-Chapter by chapter explanation of ‘The Book of Revelation,’ including the origin of יהוה (Jehovah) and psychological analysis of St. John, the Revelator

-Full explanation of the Magick formula of the New Aeon, which will give birth to the New Earth

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