The Temple of the Archinox

The Temple of the Archinox was first conceived in late 2015. In essence, the Temple is a consciousness accelerator that absolves the paradoxes of exoteric religion back into an archidoxal whole. The word “archidox” is considered a dead word in the English language. An “archidox” is a concept that envelops paradoxes and reduces them back into one (or more accurately, absolute zero). Whenever one is confronted with an apparent paradox, what you have really discovered is the outer circumference of the archidox (See Fig. 1.1)


Figure 1.1

As you can see, a paradox is but an illusion and partial truth. There necessarily must be a higher law that governs it. The suffix “dox” means: an opinion, idea or belief. Essentially it represents a concept. “N.O.X.” is that which is beyond concept. At times it has been defined as darkness, but that darkness is a symbol of the unknowable infinite. This same darkness is represented in the Tarot key ATU IX The Hermit. The Hermit (the ALL) stands upon the highest mountain peak, surrounded by darkness, shining his light to the Fool at the beginning of his journey. “N.O. X.” is also an acronym for “The Night of Pan.” Pan means ALL. Therefore, “N.O.X.” means: the unknowable infinite of the ALL.

The Secret Qabalah key to N.O.X. is represented in the Tarot by ATU XIII Death, ATU XV The Devil, and “X” symbolizing Pan, therefore meaning: the Death and Transformation of the Devil (or Material Illusion) is Pan. The fact that the Devil card is represented by the Roman numerals XV is not a coincidence. XV is L.V.X. backwards with the “L” or light concealed. This Light proceeds from out of the unknowable ALL to complete the adjustment of the Hierophant to the Wheel. The true Devil is “dox,” or our beliefs, ideas, opinions and conceptions. “Dox” must be overcome in order to receive the one true and original “idea.” And this is precisely the purpose of The Temple of the Archinox.

Figure 1.2 Overlook Schematic of the Temple of the Archinox

Figure 1.2 shows the plans for the Temple. This is a top-view. The outer region of the temple is divided into six sections. These sections represent different spiritual paths and faiths. They are: I. The Children of the Covenant (which includes Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), II. The Silence of the Buddha (which includes Hinduism along with other Eastern religions and philosophies), III. The Garden of Eden (Path of the Lovers), IV. The Spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Egyptian Magick, Thelema, the Mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom), V. The New Pythagorean School, and VI. Earth Medicine & Magick.

I. The Children of the Covenant

This section of the temple will consist of the Temple of Christ, a Jewish Synagogue and a Islamic Mosque. Regular worship will be available and open to any member of these faiths. The various sects of these religions will have a single space to worship in whatever way they desire. Christians can unite in their worship of Christ, Muslims with Allah, and the Jewish with Yahweh. Each of these three temples will converge towards an exact restoration of the Temple of Solomon. Solomon’s Temple is the uniting center in which all three of these major religions trace their roots. And here a unification between the faiths can take place.

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II. The Silence of the Buddha

This section of the Temple will be devoted to the Eastern religions and spiritual paths. At the center of a crystal field will grow the Mahabodhi Tree. Surrounding the Tree will be two Buddhist monasteries: One devoted to the Kalachakra Tantra (the Highest Tibetan Yoga) and the other to Zen. Any who enter upon this path will have the opportunity to stay at the monasteries and follow the Buddha’s path. Additionally, there will be a Temple complex for the Hindu Trimurti: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with a central Kali Temple.

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III. The Apotheosis of Psyche

Union between lovers is one of most direct ways to experience the divine. This entire section will be devoted to romantic love. It will be home to exquisite flower gardens with an enchanted golden palace to provide a utopian and amorous atmosphere. But the problem of love comes through the oft neglected negative aspects of oxytocin. Oxytocin increases the propensity for conformity and compromise. While these aspects of human nature have their place in the appropriate times, they can serve as a major obstacle to those who wish to develop the higher nature of their souls. This is symbolized in Greek mythology in the story of Psyche.

Cupid falls in love with Psyche and every night enters into her chambers to make love to her in the dark. Because Cupid is an immortal, he commands Psyche not to shine a light upon him to see his true form. But curiosity gets the best of Psyche and one night, after Cupid has made love to her and has fallen asleep beside her, she lights a candle and looks upon her lover. Cupid wakes immediately and curses her. “How dare you look upon a god! For this offense, you will never see me again!” Cupid flies immediately from her chambers and disappears for what she fears forever.

Psyche is completely heart-broken. And to top it off, she discovers that she is pregnant as well. She runs into the woods and sobs and sobs and sobs. Then suddenly, she hears the music of a strange flute from deep within the woods. She picks herself up and moves towards the source of this mysterious music. As she peers through the clearing, she sees Pan sitting upon a rock, playing his flute in the mist. Pan immediately notices her and invites her close. He wipes the tears from her eyes and inquires from her: “What’s wrong?” Psyche tells him the entire story. Pan encourages her and tells her that there’s still a way for her to unite with her one true love. But she must descend to the underworld to do so. This is her initiation into the mysteries. She must complete the four tasks of Aphrodite in order to complete her union with the divine and gain her immortality. Psyche faces these challenges, guided by her inner knowing. And in the end unites with Cupid and joins the gods on Olympus.

This journey will be reflected within the temple. Couples who enter this path will have the opportunity to enter the Temple of the Void. Here they will work their way up the winding paths of the Holy Mountain, gaining the four keys of Aphrodite and reunite once again in the Rainbow Room of the Kalachakra Temple.

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IV. The Spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Egyptian Magick, Thelema and the Mysteries of the Ageless Wisdom)

This section of the Temple will be devoted to the Ageless Wisdom, including the outer mysteries of Rosicrucianism, Egyptian Magick and Aleister Crowley’s Thelema. The Temple of Horus will be the central Temple complex of this section. The temples of Isis and Osiris will be built on its two sides. In addition, Pan’s Amphitheater will be constructed where Dionysian Tragedies will be performed. An astrological stone temple will be built in alignment with the current Aeon. Through the act of performing “thy will,” one will learn that there is no possibility to do any will but that of the ALL.

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V. The New Pythagorean School

This section of the Temple will be devoted to the mind. Here a vast library and study hall will be erected. Laboratories will be constructed and dedicated to scientific research. Here, a classical education will be available to all who desire to learn. Poetry, Mathematics, Science, Linguistics, Philosophy, and all other academic pursuits will be encouraged and celebrated. Here, the greatest minds the world has to offer can gather together, as in Alexandria of old, and share their knowledge with each other and the world (similar to Castalia in Herman Hesse’s The Glass Bead Game). 

In addition, a complex mathematical and scientific labyrinth will be constructed that will test the ultimate threshold of the mind and logic.

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VI. Earth Medicine & Magick

Shamanism is humanity’s earliest manifestation of our spiritual evolution. The natural world has alway been our greatest teacher, for the world is truly a perfect expression of the ALL. Here, the spiritual practices of the Earth’s indigenous cultures will be embraced and expressed. Devotees will learn to walk between the worlds of the spirit and that of matter. Sun and Rain dances will be performed. Plant medicine will be utilized as sacraments. Paganism (Druid, Celtic, Wiccan, etc.) will have its place, once again, amidst the other wisdom traditions.

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These six paths will flow into each other as the outside wheel of the Temple. Each of them will converge towards the central complex.


Figure 1.3 The Wall of Time and The Trials of the Seven Djinn

At the center of the Temple, a large turquoise wall rotates clockwise around the pyramid. Within this wall are twelve gates, coordinating to the twelve signs of the Zodiac. In front of this wall are twelve white marble statues in Classical style depicting the twelve Greek gods of Olympus. Every hour, these gates rotate 30 degrees. Each of these gates are locked. The keys for these gates are obtained through various tasks or attainments in the outer section of the temple. These keys open only one gate in a certain configuration at a certain time. Before the gates are 24 elders (2 per gate). The elders will question through ordeal the candidate who holds a key. If the elders are satisfied with the candidate, the elders will open the second lock to the gate with a key of their own.

Once inside, the candidate enters the Trials of the Seven Djinn. These trials will determine whether the candidate can continue in the Temple of 32. This next stage is a purification Temple. And if the candidate cannot pass these simple trials, the crystallization process would do more harm than good.

The outer appearance of the Temple is pictured below in Figure 1.4


Figure 1.4

The Wall of Time, as discussed above will be made of turquoise. Behind that wall, the white dome containing the Trials of the Seven Djinn will be constructed of white marble and then the upside-down pyramid of red marble. This contains the magickal formula for manifestation in inherent phenomena as expounded on in depth through the Kalachakra Tantra. Four black pillars of obsidian will support the corners of the upside-down pyramid. Upon each corner of this pyramid will sit a Sphinx, for this is the pyramid of the microcosm or man. The upper pyramid, made of Gold, is that of the ALL- named Sekhet Hetspet (The House of the Gods).

After completing the trials, the seeker will rise through the center of the pyramid and be led to the interior portion of the upside-down pyramid called The Temple of 32 (see Figure 1.5).


Figure 1.5 The Temple of 32

Once inside this Temple, the seeker will be given a choice of four doors to enter. These doors will lead to one of the four divided sections of the Temple. Each of these sections coordinate to a gender configuration of energy: Active Male, Receptive Male, Active Female, and Receptive Female. Actual physical sex orientation is extraneous in this selection. The candidate will select what feels in alignment with their own spirit. The separation of these energies into these four different sections matches the rites and rituals that were performed in the creation of the Atlantean Empire.

Upon entry into this Temple, the seeker will notice that their section has been divided into four zones: the central garden, the fountain, living zones and pagodas. At the center of this Temple will be the Hierophant’s quarters. At each of the corners of this building will be a statues of four androgynous beings joining each other at their third eye.

All other areas will be common, with the exception of the four living zones which will be separated by a turquoise wall. At the corner of the living quarters will be a statue of a Sphinx.

The pagodas will also be divided into four stories. The bottom story will be a library and school. The interior of this school will consist entirely of black marble. The second story will be the meditation hall, made of white marble. The third story will be the tantra hall, made of red marble. And the top story will be the Roshi’s quarters, made of Gold.

For 165 days of the year, the Temple of 32 will operate as a normal living and meditation zone. Everyone within will be allowed to cross over and visit with any section that they please. However, there will be two 100 day working periods in which no physical touch or verbal communication is allowed. All interactions may only be through spirit connection in the Astral realms. These work periods will conclude on the Winter and Summer Solstices. If anyone is unable to keep these rules, they will have to leave the Temple of 32and return to the outer sections of the Temple. They may return once they have received a new key from a different section of the Temple that they had not previously mastered, and enter the trials again. For those who complete the 100 day work period, they will be invited into ceremony in their Roshi’s quarters with the Hierophant. At this point they will be introduced to the upper portion of the temple.

From the Roshi’s quarters, there extends a series of bridges connecting to the other Roshis’ quarters and four special areas that correlate to alchemical Azoth, Mercury, Sulphur and Salt. Each of these areas coordinate to the ACGT codons of the DNA. The specific geometrical makeup of the bridges symbolizes the geometrical configurations of Oxygen, Deoxyribose and Phosphate, whose combination forms the phosphate backbone of Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid or DNA. After completing an alchemical process following initiation from the Hierophant, the seeker may travel down the double-helix staircase and descend into the Duat.

Here, the seeker will come into contact with the Dweller. The schematics for the Duat and the experiences that take place here have not yet been revealed.

Following this experience, the newly transfigured being may rise through the Temple and enter into the Holy of Holies- the Secret Abode of the ALL. Now Master of the Temple, the Adept finds no more locked doors, in the Temple and the World alike.


The Temple of the Archinox represents an auspicious and monumental undertaking.  The plans and conceptualizations are underway, but a project of this magnitude must be built by the World and not a few select individuals. We open ourselves to receive your wisdom, expertise, financial backing, special skills, ideas, time, talents and abilities- for the construction of the Temple is a symbolic act. It shows that humanity, as a whole, has chosen to unite- that we’ve risen above petty dogmas, national identities, races, religions and creeds and found that as we dissolve the barriers within, we dissolve the barriers without. Let us create this symbol as the dawn of the New Age. Let us show the infinite ALL, that we place our hearts and our spirits above all else.

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